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Square Dance License Plate.

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Square Dance license plate

Square Dancers may purchase a Personalized Square Dance
License Plate
for their automobile, truck or motor home.
(Not available for motorcycles or campers.)

The plate is registered to an individual - (not to a vehicle).
The one time charge is $67.75 for a vehicle requiring two plates.
The $67.75 contains the $40 fee for the Square Dancer background,
a $10 per plate original issuance fee, $2 per plate reflectivity fee,
a $3.75 filing fee. (Unlike vanity plates which have a fee each year). When a plate needs to be replaced at 7 years the renewal fee
will be $24 more than usual ($10 per plate original issuance fee
& $2 per plate reflectivity fee) and if the customer wants to keep
the same license plate number they can pay an extra $20.
There is no extra fee if you accept a new number. These fees are
state mandated. When you change vehicles you must re-assign
the plate to another vehicle before that vehicle gets re-licensed
or you lose the plate.

Plates are available through your County Auditor or any auto
Licensing Agency.
Please advise Gailyn Ploeg at (360) 766-6729
of your new license plate number, your name, city of address,
club name and council, so your information will appear
in the list of Square Dance license plate owners, and
in a new electronically produced booklet which
we hope to have available by request in the future.

You can contact Gailyn Ploeg at ploegrj@msn.com
for the
2014 license plate list.

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